Stress Can Cause Headaches


3 surprising causes of headaches – which one do you have?

Posted by ReachHealth on Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey guys! Its Boaz here from ReachHealth and today I’m talking about headaches, especially recurring headaches. So today you’re going to learn about three causes of headaches that most people just don’t even know about and that a lot of practitioners don’t even bother checking. This is so important, otherwise those headaches just keep being treated incorrectly and they just keep coming back, and personally I don’t think that that’s fair for patients and people who are suffering with headaches. So stick around til the end of this video and find out about a free gift that we’re giving for one of the main causes of headaches.

So the reason that I’m talking about this is as you can tell, I get so frustrated when I hear about people going for ongoing treatment for their headaches and these three areas have not even been checked properly let alone treat it. It’s really important that people know that there is help out there for them. So if you know anyone who suffers from ongoing headaches then please do take them in to this video and share it with them.

So what are these three most common causes of headaches that are so often missed? The first one is the jaw muscles. It’s not surprising that if someone is clenching their jaws over night or the other time that people do it a lot is when they are at the computer… if you’re clenching your jaw muscles for hours on end that’s going to cause tension in these muscles it smacking that lower jaw into the upper jaw causing tension that often hurts behind the eyes and in the temporal area here. The other one that is so often missed is the deep neck muscles at the front of the neck, not just these chaps at the back, everyone knows about those ones that debunks standard tension headaches but these deep muscles at the front of the neck, their job is really to stabilize and support the neck, and if they’re not working well and the head gets kind of floppy and uncomfortable, and that can really upset the muscles at the base of the skull there which is that headache that so many people know. But they think that it’s coming from here… that’s the effect, the cause is from the front here. The third most commonly missed spot for this kind of thing is the first rib, and who would’ve thought that your first rib is right up there at this point above your collar bone, it goes below your collar bone there and above your collar bone there… it goes on a diagonal. The neck muscles attached onto that first rib right in there and if that rib moves, obviously the muscles that attach to it become confused essentially, they tighten up to try and protect, and that in turn turns pain up the neck and into the head. If that first rib is not addressed, then the headache issue hasn’t really been addressed has it?

So I’d love you to comment on which of those three causes you think were the most surprising. Please tap that in now… that would be great. That’s really all I wanted to talk about for today. Thank you so much for joining me today. This has been Boaz from ReachHealth. Let me know what your best take home message was from this video. If this video has resonated with you… I’d really appreciate it if you passed it on, shared it, and tagged in to it. Louise Bradley thank you very much for commenting there that rib is a very surprising one. A lot of practitioners don’t even check that one. That’s the kind of thing that makes us look amazing just because we bothered checking. Please do share this, tag anyone… and I was going to let you know about a free gift that we were going to give for people with headaches. As I mentioned… the first thing I mentioned was jaw clenching. So the best way to deal with that is to use a mouthguard at night as well as have it treated. Now normally a dentist would charge between 300 and 600 hundred dollars for these mouthguards. We’re going to give you an excellent mouthguard for free if you need to come in for treatment for that kind of headache. Thank you very much for watching. I look forward to hearing from you.

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