causes of headaches


There are 4 main causes of tension headaches:


1. Small muscles at the back of the skull
These are the ones that feel great to have pressed and massaged.

2. Jaw Muscles
They cause pain at the side of the head, and behind the eyes. These are the most commonly missed cause of ongoing headaches, yet respond very well to the correct treatment.

3. Neck Muscles
Tight muscles at the side of the neck, and/or weak muscles of the throat can be a major cause of headaches.

4. First Rib
When the first rib is stuck, then it irritates the muscles at the side of the neck. Doesn’t it make sense to treat the muscles and the ribs. Otherwise only half the job is done isn’t it?

It is important to check all 4 causes of tension headaches otherwise you can’t be sure that the fundamental causes of your headaches have been treated.

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