Why Does Your Ankle Keep Spraining?


Why does your ankle keep spraining?

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Hi guys. Tom here from ReachHealth. Today I wanna continue on with the lower limb series, specifically I wanna talk about the ankle. So the most common injury in the ankle is an ankle sprain which is most commonly at the outside of the ankle. The first time that happens, its a really simple fix. Its a little bit of taping for support and stability, and a little bit of a waiting game to wait for that ligament to heal. The problem is when reoccurs again, and thats really common in a lot of athletes and everyday people. The question we wanna know is why? Usually two main reasons for that, one is a coordination issue, and second is most often a muscle that we often neglect which is your tib post which runs inside of this ankle right through here, and its role is to help keep that ankle stable. What happens is when its tight, it tips that ankle forward like that, and when that happens whats likely gonna happen is that when you are walking, you are more likely to injure that again. So lets resolve this issue. Please do contact us for more information and book in online.

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