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Lower back pain leaves thousands of Australians suffering, worried that they are “broken”, and not being able to enjoy life fully.

Regular medicine calls this non-specific back pain. But that is only because they don’t know how to look for the specifics.

Even if you have been told you have a disc bulge, that is 87% likely to be the WRONG CAUSE of your pain. The science has proven it in the last 7 years.

Watch this short video, and find out how there are 5 main causes of Lower Back Pain, but only one of them is from your back.

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Hi guys. Tom here from ReachHealth. Today I wanna talk to you about back pain and in particular the rare cases when your pain is actually coming from your back. There are 3 structures within our spine that can cause back pain, but a disc bugle is almost never one of them. So if someone’s told you that you’ve had a disc bulge and you’re still continuously getting back pain, then this video is for you to consider.

There are 3 structures within our spine. First up, we have our facet joints, these bony structures right here. They help each of these spinal segments to move individually. Second, we have our ligaments, they help support these joints to keep them stable. And lastly, we have our muscles surrounding the spine. They help support the movement and stabilize our back. Any one of these 3 structures can cause severe pain, but they are not your discs. When these areas get irritated, our muscles start to guard up and spasm resulting in any movement to be painful and really scary. At the end of the day, they’re not damaged. They’re just a little grumpy and irritated. And in most cases in the right hands they can be treated really well. It’s now proven that when a health professional gives a scary and often wrong diagnosis like a disc bulge can make our problems even worse. This puts our system in overdrive which causes even more muscle guarding.

Here at ReachHealth we keep up with the latest research and evidence for back pain to insure our clients get the best understanding of their problem and the best success rate of resolving it. If you found this video helpful please like and share it with anyone you know who suffers from back pain, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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