Why does my back hurt? Scoliosis - When to see an Osteopath


WHY DOES MY BACK HURT? Scoliosis – When to see an Osteopath

There are many exaggerated myths about a scoliosis diagnosis. None of us are perfectly symmetrical & EVERYBODY HAS A LITTLE BIT OF SCOLIOSIS!

Scoliosis is a sideways curve in the spine. It can be shaped like the letter C (like someone leaning to the side). Or it can be shaped like the letter S (harder to see, because the two curves balance each other out).

Most scoliosis is normal. Nobody except the Mona Lisa is truly symmetrical. So, most scoliosis only affects the way we look. It does not affect the way we feel or function. MOST SCOLIOSIS DOES NOT NEED TREATMENT.

When is scoliosis a problem?

  • When it is causing back pain.
  • When it is causing breathing issues.
  • When it is severe. You need to know a number called your Cobb Angle. Anything higher than 30 Degrees is a problem. Also, if the angle is regularly increasing that is a problem.

When should I see an Osteopath for Scoliosis?

  • You have been told that you have scoliosis that requires ongoing
  • You have ongoing back pain
  • You would like a second opinion about your back’s alignment

What to expect from an Osteopathic Consultation?

  • Sensible, non-alarmist discussion about where your scoliosis fits on the range of normal to severe
  • Effective relief if your scoliosis is suitable to be treated Osteopath
  • Referral to the right expert if we have any concerns

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