Why does my back hurt? Arthritis - When to see an osteopath


WHY DOES MY BACK HURT? Arthritis – When to see an Osteopath

Arthritis can be a scary word for many of us. The most common type is called osteoarthritis, and it simply means simply wear and tear in a joint, which in the majority of cases is normal as we age. You can think of it like an older car that does not run as smoothly as it used to. Osteoarthritis is the only type of arthritis that an Osteopath can help with. The other forms of arthritis are as a result of inflammatory processes and usually need to be managed by a specialist Rheumatologist.

It sounds counterintuitive, but X-RAYS MEAN VERY LITTLE when examining the relationship between osteoarthritis and pain. For example it has been shown by research that up to 50% of people in their 20’s and 30’s have signs of degeneration visible on x-ray but experience no back pain.   In just the same way a rough car ride might cause one person to feel ill, it might not affect another.

When should I see an Osteopath for arthritis?

  • You have ongoing joint pain
  • You have been told that you have osteoarthritis and you want a second opinion
  • When your joints feel consistently stiff or achy


What to expect from an Osteopathic Consultation?

  • Expert assessment of the ALL the causes of your joint pain
  • Immediate and lasting relief in most cases
  • Simple to follow, no-nonsense advice on how to manage this issue
  • An concise, practical plan of management if your diagnosis is an ongoing issue, or a shorter term treatment strategy if it’s an “easy fix”


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