WHY DOES MY BACK HURT? Disk Bulges and Slipped Disks - When to see an Osteopath


WHY DOES MY BACK HURT? Disk Bulge & Slipped Disk – When to see an Osteopath

There are a lot of exaggerated myths about the danger of disk bulges… Most of them are not true.

A disk bulge is basically a PIMPLE.
• Before the pimple pops, it’s called a BULGE
• As it breaks the surface of the skin it’s called a HERNIATION (slipped)
• Once it’s popped it called an EXTRUSION

Are disk bulges dangerous?
Most of the time they are IRRELEVANT. Just like a pimple, 87% of us have one at some time and don’t even notice it.

So why do disk bulges get such a bad reputation?
We used to think that they were a major cause of back pain… But we also used to think that the world was majorly flat. We now know that they are a very normal thing to find on most people’s scans, but they do not mean much at all.

When is a disk bulge a serious problem?
They are only a problem when they cause strange sensations in the legs, or cause weakness in the legs. But this only happens in one quarter (25%)of back pain sufferers.

Should I see an Osteopath for disk bulges?
Yes, definitely. If you have been told that your back pain is because of a disk bulge, then you should see definitely see an osteopath.
So often, there is more to your back pain than just the disk bulge. How good would it feel to get the whole issue fixed up?

When to see an Osteopath for Disk Bulges
• Any time that you have been told you have a disk bulge
• If your back pain lasts more than 3-5 days
• If your back pain goes into your legs

What to expect at the Osteopath’s
• Expert assessment of all the causes of your back pain
• Immediate and lasting relief in most cases
• Simple to follow, no-nonsense advice on how to manage this issue
• Honest no BS plan to let you know if this is an ongoing issue or an easy fix.


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