WHY DOES MY BACK HURT? Sprains and Strains - When to see an Osteopath


WHY DOES MY BACK HURT? Sprains & Strains – When to see an Osteopath

Sprains and strains are an over-stretching of muscles, ligaments (hold joints together) or tendons (attach muscles to bones). They are usually not serious, even though they hurt a lot.

You need to see an osteopath if the pain last for more than a 3-5 days. Strains and sprains usually recover by themselves very well.

DO NOT STRETCH A SPRAIN / STRAIN. It might need taping to prevent accidental stretching. This is easy and any health professional or sports trainer should be able to do it for you.
Rest, Ice, Compression, and anti-inflammatory medication can also help, if you are allowed it.

When to see an Osteopath for sprains and strains

  • If you are concerned that this is a severe injury
  • If it hurts for more than 3-5 days
  • If area feels clumsy, weak, or like it could easily get injured again

What to expect at the osteopath’s

  • Expert assessment of strain, sprain, spasm, or a more serious issue
  • Immediate and lasting relief in most cases
  • Simple to follow, no-nonsense advice on how to manage this issue
  • Honest no BS plan to let you know if this is an ongoing issue, or an easy fix.


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