Why does my back hurt? Pregnancy - When to see an Osteopath


WHY DOES MY BACK HURT? Pregnancy – When to see an Osteopath

As a pregnancy develops it is not uncommon to experience back & pelvic pain. This is often termed Pregnancy Related Pelvic Pain or Pelvic Instability, which can arise from a particular hormone being secreted that relaxes the ligaments of the back & pelvis. It can also be as a result of the increased load on the pelvis as the fetus & its life support system grows.

However, men can get this too… which means it’s not just the hormones & your body’s changing of shape that can create this pain.

The main driver of this pain, whether in pregnancy or not, is the adductor muscles being unable to do their job of keeping the pelvis stable. These muscles are located in your inner thigh and the good news is there is one simple exercise that fires up those adductors again and gets them back stabilising your pelvis – Adductor Pillow Squeeze.


When should I see an Osteopath for back pain in pregnancy?

  • You have been told that you have pelvic instability
  • You have ongoing back or pelvic pain
  • if you want lasting relief from this pain without doing endless exercises


What to expect from an Osteopathic Consultation?

  • Expert assessment of ALL the muscles affecting your back, not just the “core”
  • Immediate and lasting relief in most cases
  • Simple to follow, no-nonsense advice on how to manage this issue
  • An concise, practical plan of management if your diagnosis is an ongoing issue, or a shorter term treatment strategy if it’s an “easy fix”


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