NECK PAIN: Elevated First Rib

The first rib is much higher than most people think it is. The back of it is actually higher than your collarbone. The neck muscles attach to the first rib. If that rib gets stuck, then the neck muscles hurt. It is that simple.

Our first rib is affected by body movement.
It is very important to consider our body usage. Over time, and in the course of daily routines, we develop poor postural structures, especially how we sit, work or balance our posture. When repeated over time, the fascia located in and around the neck muscles will begin to become shorter, denser and thicker.

How we can improve our condition:
• If possible, make it a habit to regularly stretch the neck muscles to help counter any tension or shortening.
• Make a point to critically assess your sitting position and fight back in case you have a poor sitting habit.
• If you constantly carry a bag or something that puts a strain on your back; find a balance in the way you do it, avoid carrying items on one side. Keep the weight close to your body as possible. If possible, switch sides or stick to carrying at the center.
• Try to correct your general body posture the moment you notice it might be misaligned. It’s important to note that postural imbalances, particularly those that often lead to tension around your neck will lead to the development of an elevated first rib.

Treatment options available:
Unless it’s a minor problem, you might need to consult a professional osteopath to make adjustments on the offending rib back to position. Once you have it is adjusted in place, you’ll want it to remain there.

Unless you address the cause of the elevated rib, any fixes that you carry out will be temporary. Therefore, you will need to carefully reflect on the way you sit at work, in school, or at home. It is highly likely that your overall posture will need to be adjusted so that there is a balance in the key muscles. [source]

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