X-rays, CT and MRI scans can be very misleading


X-rays, CT & MRI scans can be very misleading

We’d like to tell you the story of Leon.

His CT scan showed a definite disk bulge. It was close to a nerve in his back called L5. His pain referred to the outside of his shin – CLASSIC PAIN PATTERN FOR L5 SCIATICA.

Leon was told to wait about 3 months, and then see if any serious medical intervention was needed.

Not all therapists bother to test and find out the REAL CAUSE OF PAIN. Yet all the mechanical tests ruled out true-sciatica in about 10 minutes.

Leon had TIGHT CALF MUSCLES. Calf muscles are big, they were “bullying” the poor little shin muscles. The calf also refers to the back, specifically the sacroiliac joint, which leads to much confusion for many practitioners.

True sciatica does not respond well to treatment. We refer these cases for the appropriate medical treatment.

False Sciatica can be resolved in 3-4 sessions. Many have been surprised how simple it’s been to achieve lasting relief.

Leon’s case is a tale of many medical “red herrings”. It goes to show how x-rays, CT and MRI scans can be very misleading.

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