Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain - It could be so easy to resolve


Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain – It could be so easy to resolve

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Hi Boaz here from ReachHealth and carrying on with our series this month about the lower limb today I’m gonna talk about foot pain. When it comes to foot pain there are two main things that come up very often one is plantar fasciitis which is pain along the sole of the foot, and one is another one that is so often misdiagnosed and that is cuboid issue. So a cuboid is 1 of the 7 bones just in that mid part of the foot and it can be really painful it can just drop down and be out of place. It’s what’s called the sublux, sublux is like a mini dislocated, bone just moves slightly out of place and is very uncomfortable. That’s an incredibly easy fix. I’ve seen many situations where this cuboid has been out of place and people have been treating it as a ligament issue or something going on in the ankle, no, it’s a very fix we just pop it back in and then it’s about working the muscles attached to the cuboid to hold them in place. Plantar fasciitis, the more common thing, is very rarely from the foot itself. Often its simply a case of stretching the calf muscles here. That’s in normal simple plantar fasciitis, very very easy to treat in most cases even if it’s been there for a long time. I’m gonna go one stage more complicated which is a plantar fasciitis that’s an unusual one and in that situation it’s not the normal calf muscles at the back of the calf, it’s a muscle called tibialis posterior and it runs down the inside edge of the calf, and it tips the foot over. When that goes tight it’s a very painful slightly different presentation of plantar fasciitis. All of that is incredibly treatable and we can often get great results in 3 to 5 sessions even if it’s been there for months or even years. So if you have foot pain that you’d like to get resolved just jump online or call us and book in an appointment. Let’s fix this up for you. Thanks very much.

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