Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Does the operation really only work half the time? What other options do I have?


There are lot of myths and wrong diagnosis out there. We have already proven that to hundreds, even thousands of people when it comes to back pain. The same is true of shoulder pain, elbow pain, and wrist issues.

Even if you have had scans, the findings might not actually be the cause of your pain. That cause can only be determined clinically, with expert assessment.

Don’t put up with it any longer! Get a meaningful, modern diagnosis, and let’s get your upper limb working properly again.

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Hi Boaz here from ReachHealth. Im just gonna talk a bit more about wrist and in particular carpal tunnel syndrome. So carpal tunnel syndrom is that numbness, tingling, strange electrical feelings and its gotta be from that top half of the ring finger up to be true carpal tunnel syndrome. The other one is ulnar tunnel syndrome which is a completely separate nerve and thats from the bottom half of the ring finger down.

First of all, two very different diagnosis, two quite different treatments for those. Hands on can really really help with this. All sorts of massage, stretches that we can do to help with that. Things you can do to help yourself at home, the simplest most basic exercise for that is again the prayer stretch. So its prayer position, fingers pointed towards your chin and gently moving those wrists down so you can feel the stretch along there.

I hope thats helpful. If you do know anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome, please do let them know about this. Thank you.

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