EFT or “tapping” is a very effective way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Our wholistic counsellor is offering a free workshop this week, Tuesday 16th July at 7pm.

No need to book, just turn up and enjoy the benefits.


Hi. I’m Caroline from ReachHealth, I’m an EFT therapist. I just want to invite you along on Tuesday, we’re doing a EFT group on stress, anxiety, and depression, and how EFT can help with that tapping. If you haven’t heard of tapping, let me tell you it’s a fantastic approach which works for calming the nervous system and releasing stress held in the body very very quickly, and it’s literally at your fingertips. I’ll be talking about how stress affects the brain and the body and showing you the simple technique. We’ll be trying it together as a group and you’ll go away with a tool that you can keep using. The first session is free on Tuesday, and subsequent sessions after that are $35, and they go for another 3 weeks. And every month we’re going to keep changing topic. This is a great way to have a stress-relieving tool in your toolkit. Not only for you but also if you’ve got children… works really, really well for them as well. So come along and enjoy this evening with me. Thank you.

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