Tennis and Golfer's Elbow - OMG There are 4 Causes! Why did others only treat one of them?


Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow – OMG There are 4 Causes! Why did others only treat one of them?


There are lot of myths and wrong diagnosis out there. We have already proven that to hundreds, even thousands of people when it comes to back pain. The same is true of shoulder pain, elbow pain, and wrist issues.

Even if you have had scans, the findings might not actually be the cause of your pain. That cause can only be determined clinically, with expert assessment.

Don’t put up with it any longer! Get a meaningful, modern diagnosis, and let’s get your upper limb working properly again.

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Hi everyone. Mel from ReachHealth here. Today I wanna talk about elbows and the common diagnosis of tennis & golfer’s elbow and how theres more to those diagnosis than people usually chat about. So traditionally tennis elbow is irritation of that common extensor, golfer’s is common flexor. Thats just two reasons. In fact theres actually four reasons why you can get pain and swelling and discomfort in the elbow. First one is your actual flexors or extensor group so the actual muscle belly itself rather than the common tendon. The next one is the muscles and tendons of the hand both the extensors and the flexors. The last one is probably the most commonly missed one and thats your rotators for the arm. They do attach to that common tendon but they perform a very different job than just flexion and extension.

Some stuff you can start doing at home to help if you think this might be you is good old fashioned prayer stretch, thats just palms together,gentle press down, hold for about a minute. Make sure to keep your shoulder always down and relaxed while you do this, dont have your shoulders up your ears. Thats a really good stretch for most of those structures through the forearm and wrist. If you wanna do some strengthening work easiest way to do it is with a small weight. First one to start with is flexion extension of the wrist You wanna do this with that elbow at 90 so that you are using your forearm. So flexion extension of the wrist and we can also do rotation. Not uncommon for this one to be a bit uncomfortable but persist with it… and then also we have flexion as well.

If you think this is useful for someone that you know please feel free to pass it on. Ive been Mel from ReachHealth. Thanks for watching.

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