Exercises for How to Treat a Headache

Exercises for How to Treat a Headache

A fully transcribed version of the Exercises for How to Treat a Headache video can be found below:

Hello and welcome to your ReachHealth Exercises for the month. This month, we will be really focusing on headaches.

So one of the major causes of headaches is the jaw. Another major one is the ribs– the top rib that attaches higher than your collarbone. Hard to believe I know, but your first rib is higher than your collarbone, effects your neck and and can cause headaches. So first of all, let’s focus on an exercise that I call, “Wall Chin Tucks”…

Standing with your heels, your shoulders, and the back of your head– all touching the wall; all you do is bring then bring your chin down to your chest… its actually a huge stretch right at the base of your skull – halfway down your back.

So once again; heels, bum, shoulders, back of head– all touching the wall, keeping the back of your head in contact with the wall. Just bring your chin down like that, and hold it for about 25 seconds – that’s all there is to it.

The next exercise is for working on these first ribs (that lowest part of your neck), and it’s so simple; all you do: have your hand to the side of your head (like this) and you just punch towards the ceiling– about 20 punches.

So again, hands by your sides just about 20 punches: That’s all it takes.

And finally, the last exercise I’m gonna show you, is for really decompressing that jaw. This feels fantastic; it’s a really great instant relief for tension headaches.

So, obviously it looks strange; don’t do this when in public.

What you need is a face washer; fold it to about that thickness. You gonna put that face washer in your mouth just to those front four teeth. You hold it about half way down so in the middle of your chest. Now this is the important thing, (if I go side on) you are not pulling back like that. You’re gonna turn the back of your head towards the ceiling (So face washer goes in). And, it really decompresses through the jaws there/through the back of the neck there, decompresses the jaw, and feels fantastic.

Thank you very much. Bye.

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