Exercises for TMJ Syndrome and Headaches

Exercises for TMJ Syndrome and Headaches

A fully transcribed version of the Exercises for TMJ Syndrome and Headaches video can be found below:

Hi and welcome to ReachHealth. I’m gonna show you some exercises to help with your TMJ syndrome and headache that comes from the jaw.

The first one that I’m gonna show you is the strengthening of the front of your throat (this is really important). This is what happen when people clench is they really tighten at the back and the front tends to get weakened.

This is really a simple exercise; all you do is lie down without the pillow. This one is called “neck-sit-ups”. So you just lift it up till you can see your toes, and back then, and up again (really tucking in your chin). It’s very important to bring your chin in with every time. Do it about 20 first. If 20 is too difficult, start off with less; then build up to about 20. Do it 2 or 3 times again for the day.

I’m just gonna show you a couple more exercises. This one is fantastic for really decompressing that jaw. What happens overnight for people, who grind their teeth or clench their teeth, is they really smacking their upper jaw into their skull all night long… It is really unpleasant and is a major cause of headaches and TMJ syndrome.

So all you do, you get a face washer, and fold it like that (that’s about that thick). Just get it in your front whole teeth. Now, the key is to be looking down as you move your head up, as you try to get that back of your head towards the ceiling (so it goes like this…); and you hold that for about 30 seconds. It is a beautiful stretch at the back of the skull there, where those tension headache build up; you get immediate relief from there, and it really decompresses those upper jaws).

I’m gonna show you one more exercise that really helps so we found one way to stretch it. Here’s another way and works really well for people– It’s what I call “wall-chin-tucks”. And this is really simple, you can do it anywhere. So just stand on the wall: heels, buttocks, shoulders, back of your head– all touching the wall. And all you do, keep it all emerging on the wall… and immediately you get that stretch at the back of the skull. It is a more gentle version than the one I’ve showed you…

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you.

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