Foot and Ankle Pain



This month we’re talking about foot and ankle pain. There are many things that cause foot and ankle pain that people are often told is very difficult to treat. So often that’s just not the case. Especially when it comes to the foot.

Something called plantar fasciitis which is a horrible pain that feels like walking on glass often comes from the calf, not the foot at all. It’s very treatable, so much quicker than most people will tell you. The other one is a pain in the outside edge of the foot which comes from something called the cuboid. And we’ll be telling you more about that in the upcoming videos.

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There are a lot of myths about ankles and feet. Most have been disproven by science in the past 7 years.

Amazingly, most issues can be resolved in just 4-5 treatments, some even quicker.

Dr. Boaz Gilboa tells us more.

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