Today I want to talk about one of the stubborn things that a lot of runners get, shin splints.

A lot of that burning pain is being felt in that front muscle there, in front of your shin called your tibia. A lot of people thought that’s the cause of shin splints but in reality we find that it’s the back muscles, your calf and soleus which are not as engaging as compared to the front muscle right through there. So what we find, we need to strengthen up these back muscles to not let that front of the shin take all of that presssure.

Why not fix the actual cause of the problem as opposed to where you’re feeling that pain. Thank you.

Shin Splints

Shin splints are a runner’s nightmare. The crazy thing is how easy they are to treat. This is a classic case of a small muscle at the front of the shin being OVERPOWERED by 2 big muscles at the back of the shin.

By treating the cause, this painful condition can be resolved in 3-5 sessions.

Dr. Tom Tang tells us more.

Try a simple calf stretch and book an appointment with an osteopath.

Let’s get you back to doing the activities you love.

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