There are so many causes of upper back pain. It is important to have them all checked out. Otherwise the treatment would be just a band aid, wouldn’t it?

Here are some of the more common causes:

  • Diaphragm tightness
  • Boxer’s muscle tightness
  • Liver issues
  • Other digestion and bloating issues
  • Ribs and intercostals
  • Tight pecs and biceps


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Hi everyone. It’s Boaz here from ReachHealth, and this month we’re talking about upper back pain. The upper back is anywhere from the bottom of your neck to the bottom of your ribs. And everywhere where there’s upper back section is, known as the thoracics you have ribs coming all the way around forming a cage. Great. Why is that important? Because upper back pain can have so many different causes that’s really important that all of them be checked to find out what’s causing your upper back pain. So for example the diaphragm sits right under your ribcage, it’s what pumps your lungs and if that gets tight it pulls on your ribs which hurts your upper back. The ribs themselves can get irritated, as in just here where the ribs meet the spine, that can become a very irritated area and Tom will be talking to you about that one in the next video. Another area that can cause upper back pain that is so not looked at by most people is a muscle in here called serratus anterior, in the armpits, otherwise known as the boxer’s muscle. It’s job is to do the last part of a punch. That bit that goes from there to there. When it goes tight it attaches onto the ribs and when it goes tight, it pulls everything forwards and causes pain at the back. So it’s pretty obvious that treating the back in that situation is not gonna get any resolution, any result. It’s about getting the armpit to back off. So of the many, many ways that there are to get back pain, it’s really important to get them checked up by a thorough professional such as here at ReachHealth. So if you like to get an appointment to see what’s going on for you and your upper back, just call 1300 696 783 or look us up online and book online. Thank you.

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