There are many causes of Headaches. Which one do you have?

Headaches are one of the most common conditions that cause us pain, and they can really disrupt lives. Stress and running about frantically trying to get everything done is just one cause of headaches. Take a look at this short video. If you know someone who suffers from headaches, then this might be just what they need. Please share it.

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Hi everyone. Boaz here from ReachHealth, and this month we’re talking about headaches. Now there are many, many causes of headaches. Some of them are mechanical, and some of them are hormonal. Then there are other headaches that are more serious, but you would’ve had heard about those, and you would have hopefully had those treated anyway. So lets focus on the two that we can deal with.

Mechanical headaches, again have a number of causes. They can be coming anywhere from the jaw, the back of the head, and these are the ones that hurt at the side, at the back of the head, and can often cause pain behind the eyes. They can also be coming from the neck, and even from the pec area. So in the coming weeks we’ll be explaining what those headaches are and how to deal with them.

The other type of headaches is hormonal headaches. These can be not just from female hormones, but they can actually be from sugar hormones such as insulin. We’ve seen that happen on numerous occassion and we suspect that that might be why things like chocolate and certain foods can bring on headaches. I personally get that if I eat too much sugar, I get a headache. Then the last headache that’s easy to fix yourself is simply the dehydration headache. That’s just a case of drinking water, and if you’re struggling with that then it really helps to have something like hydralytes or gatorade. If you want the sugar free version, by all means do that.

So the types of headache that we can help with are tension headaches, migraines, headaches coming from the neck, and the hormonal headaches will be dealt with by our acupuncturist, Emma.

So I hope that’s helpful. We’ll go into more details on each of those types of headaches over the next couple of weeks. Thank you.

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