Hip and Knee Pain



Did you know that hip and knee pain is one of those things that is really commonly badly treated. I know you hear this a lot from us, but its true.

So we’ve got two situations that really are quite opposite to each other. One is when people are told that they need surgery and they don’t. The other is when they’re told that they need manual therapy but they actually need surgery.

So this is where it gets really interesting. When it comes to hip and knee pain, Medicare did a survey a couple of years ago that showed that hip and knee surgery is of no benefit to the patient fifty percent of the time. That’s when its best to go see someone like an osteopath to find out where the pain is really coming from. There are other situations where arthritis can be so severe that hands on therapy can be of no benefit whatsoever. And I’ve seen people whose lives are completely turned around for the better by getting a hip replacement or a knee replacement, its a game changer for them.

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Medicare says “Half of hip and knee surgery is pointless”

Who do you know with hip or knee pain? It is very common.

Don’t let them fall for the surgery scam! Great research in 2018-19 showed that about half of orthopaedic surgery is of no benefit to the patient.

Get a second opinion. What if it’s an easy fix that does not need risky surgery?

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