Scans are NOT as RELIABLE as we once thought



A lot of us tend to get scanned for our hips and they tell us that we have arthritis or leg […] tears or simple deformity in the hip. All of this stuff we find is not as relevant as we once thought. Most of the time it’s either your muscles in the back of the hip and the front of the hip, and they cause a bit of a tug of war between each other. Not necessarily the actual arthritis which is causing that pain right inside the hip joint.

So if this sounds like you, give us a visit and we’ll be able to help you out.

Scans are NOT as RELIABLE as we once thought

If we take hip scans of people who DO NOT HAVE ANY PAIN, then apparently nearly 70% of them will have something random show up.

That means, imperfection is normal, and is not a cause of pain. So we recommend finding the actual cause of your pain.

Why not book in? We can resolve most hip and knee issues in about 5 sessions… even if your scan says otherwise.

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