Hip Pain - Is Arthritis or Bursitis Really the Problem?


Hip Pain – Is Arthritis or Bursitis Really the Problem?


Here is a link to some great rehab videos for your lower hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

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Hi guys. Tom here from ReachHealth. Today I wanna talk about the lower limb series specifically the hips. Hip pain can be represented in 4 different areas, your front, your back, the outside, and the inside. Today I wanna specifically talk about the front hip pain where most people have been told to have arthritis but not necessarily the case most of the time. When we do get front hip pain we often think its the hip flexors right here but sometimes it can be also coming from the back which is your glute muscles. So your hip flexors drive the hip forward, while your glutes drive the hip backwards. Most often theres a little bit of a tug of war between these two muscles here and obviously the stronger one will win. So in this case your buttocks, your glutes will be stronger than the front of the hip which is causing the pain right through there. So we have some brilliant exercises on our website, please do check them out or check the comments down below. These exercises are definitely helpful in hip bursitis as well so please do give these a shot. If you really wanna resolve your hip pain, please do contact us and book in. Thank you.

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