The stress just melts away under the soothing heat and gentle weight of the stones allowing circulation to increase flushing out toxins and restoring healing nutrients to the muscles and other tissues, further aiding the release of tension and pain. On a wholistic level, the liver is stimulated, Immunity is boosted and the nervous system is sedated. The heat also provokes a detoxing effect.

A few years ago I did a Hot Stone course which was combined with the Ancient Science of Ayurveda. I was amazed by how relaxing this treatment was. It was incredibly effective at ironing out ‘knots’ and resolving tension with ease. The stones are used under the hands as Massage tools as well as placed in other areas so that multiple muscle groups are being worked at once.

I found that my clients loved how relaxing and soothing the stones were but some missed my Trigger Points. So I came up with a unique blend of Remedial/Deep tissue massage using Hot Stones.

Sometimes after a Remedial Massage you can feel a bit wiped out, the great thing about this type of massage is that most people report feeling very relaxed yet, at the same time energised. It leaves you feeling deeply grounded with a profound sense of relaxation and peace coupled with a wonderful floating sensation.

I have an offer for you…

Come and try it this month (August 2018) for yourself. $107 instead of the usual $137.
You will be glad you did!


Yours in good health,
Caroline McKenna

Caroline is an experienced Massage therapist (famous for ‘hitting the right spots’), Reflexologist, and Mind/Body Healer. Using a combination of modalities Caroline offers you the relaxation, disease-free health and abundance of energy you deserve in your life. She specializes in Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy & Post-natal Massage, Reflexology, and EFT Counseling.
Client Testimonial

Why is it that people are still stuck in the mindset of “no pain – no gain” when seeking the benefit of a massage?

I have just come home after a hot stone massage given by Caroline as it was a therapy method that she recommended after my previous visit proved quite painful when addressing all the stress, tension and knots in my body. I was open to the experience but I had no idea that it would leave me feeling so passionate about the results while at the same time puzzled that she was not fully booked up as the preferred therapeutic message method for all!

There are so many misconceptions on what a “hot stone massage” actually is. A thought of just lying there on the massage table with stones placed on your body is usually what the majority perceive the experience to be like. An old viewpoint that unless you use some “elbow grease” and get right into the pain aspect (hence the no pain – no gain theory) – then you will not leave with your moneys worth. How wrong we all have been!

The direct heat relaxed the muscles which allowed manipulation of a greater intensity than that of a regular massage. I could feel the knots but when Caroline worked with the stones the feeling was more of a pressure as opposed to the intense pain of my previous visit that neither allowed me to relax or unwind. The hot stone experience left me with a feeling (long after I left) of heat having seeped right into the core of my body and in a time like this when the colder months strip us of the inner warmth – the hot stone massage was just absolute heaven! I do not normally feel the cold but lying there, my mind raced to all those that I know that would benefit from such an experience – not only for the deeper therapeutic and healing reasons – but also for the deep relaxation and release of tension that we all hold within our body.

To me, it seems that through the hot stone massage Caroline was able to connect the flow of energy to rebalance my physical body, emotional mind and spirit as one. I wanted to share this experience with others and even if it just inspires one person to take that leap of faith, I just know that they will spread the word to others – allowing so many to experience what I did.

Thank you Caroline.
P. Korfanty., Annandale, NSW

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