Stress Can Cause Headaches

How Stress Can Cause Headaches

Are you wondering how stress can cause you headaches?

Think of all the things that create stress in everyday life. Causes can range from a hostile work environment to family dramas, in addition to usual pressures like dealing with traffic trying to keep fit. Constantly dealing with stress can slowly affect your normal routine and wreak havoc on your immune system, resulting in symptoms such as headaches.

According to Australia Bureau of Statistics, there were 23,130,900 people living in Australia as of June 2013. About 52% of the population were suffering from financial stress, 47% were suffering from personal health lifestyle stress, and 34% were suffering from work-related stress as reported by the Australian Psychological Society in 2013.

Struggling with finances, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and coping with work pressures are the top three causes of stress in Australia. The effects of stress vary, but can manifest as disturbed sleep, increased activity of the adrenal glands, and tense muscles. Repeated occurrences causes the body to lose its balance or homeostasis, which in turn affects neurological functions, weakens the immune system, and strains muscles and joints. The ultimate result of all this stress on the body can be  persistent headaches. Other stress induced symptoms are dizziness, body pain, and even autoimmune disease.

Treating the effects of stress involves more than getting medication, as you need to regain balance or homeostasis. This can involve redefining your lifestyle, reducing stress in the workplace, and managing your family life. If stress is affecting your wellbeing, the priority is to keep your body healthy and functioning normally. A headache is just one way stress can be manifested, and you will need to find treatment at its root cause.

At ReachHealth, we can help you get the right treatment for stress related illness such as headaches. We can also point you to practical remedies and give advice for leading the healthiest lifestyle possible, which will help reduce the likelihood of headaches returning in the future.

We have a healthy natural solution for your headache pains

As your Osteopath, here are some important areas to address to relieve your stress-related headaches:

1. Assessing the level of tension in your musculoskeletal system. We determine how tight the muscles in your head, neck and jaw have.  Then, we check the extent of compression, degeneration, and dysfunction that occurred in your head and neck areas as a result of tightening of these muscles.

2. Osteopathic treatment then relieves the tension in unique ways. It finds the real source of the headache, not just the bits that hurt. To do this, we  apply gentle pressure, stretching, and simple muscle re-training techniques on the problem muscle areas in the head (including jaw), neck, upper spine. Simultaneously, we observe how the muscles and ligaments stretch, how the muscle spasm eases, and how the blood flow improves. Then, we work steadily until your nerves and muscles show improvement, alleviating your pain or the headache.

3. Administering advanced Osteopathic treatment. Most headaches involve the jaw muscles. Most practitioners simply do not know to treat jaw muscles and TMJ syndrome. If the Jaw is not treated with advanced osteopathic, then there is no hope of lasting relief of your headaches.

4. As caring professional osteopaths, we will show you easy ways to keep your headaches away for the long-term

At ReachHealth, we can help eradicate the persistent pain of headaches, and make recommendations for living a healthy, active lifestyle.

If ongoing pain, fatigue, stress or other health issues are affecting your quality of life, then we are here to help you. Just call 1300 696 783 or Book Online. Find out for yourself how much we can help you.