EFT tapping


In this experiential workshop, our Mind/Body connection expert Caroline will teach you a phenomenal technique backed by Harvard studies that will blow your mind in how fast and effective it is in getting results. Once you have learned this simple tool it is yours to use in any area of your life with any problem.

Each month, we will be focusing on a different topic. This month of August it is on reducing or eliminating persistent pain using EFT Counselling. This could be muscular, nerve pain, pain from disease, injury or unknown causes, it doesn’t matter.

Persistent pain can feel frustrating, depressing and lonely. This workshop is highly informative. more importantly, it is both informative and experiential you will be working on resolving your own pain in a safe supportive group.

Over the next 4 weeks learn about:

  • The latest science behind pain
  • The link between pain, the brain and your emotions
  • How to get rapid pain relief now
  • How to release emotions related to the pain/accident, injury or diagnosis
  • Expressing and clearing emotions
  • Releasing resistance to change (When you become your pain)
  • Creating a pain-free vision for your life


Outstanding value for money!
We have doubled the time offered from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and kept the cost low to help as many people as possible and the first session is FREE! It’s highly recommended that you attend the whole course.

7th AUGUST 6pm: EFT Talk (FREE) Attendees get a $25 voucher they can use towards a private EFT session at ReachHealth, claimable at the event.
14th AUGUST 6pm: EFT Group Session ($35/person)
21st AUGUST 6pm: EFT Group Session ($35/person)
28th AUGUST 6pm: EFT Group Session ($35/person)

The $25 voucher can be used towards a one on one (private) EFT Counselling session where you can go deep and experience even more profound shifts.

If you have pain commit to you over the next month, you don’t deserve to suffer. Please share this on to any family members or friends who need help.

If ongoing pain, fatigue, stress or other health issues are affecting your quality of life, then we are here to help you. Just call 1300 696 783 or Book Online. Find out for yourself how much we can help you.