How to relieve headaches – a simple 30 second exercise

How to relieve headaches – a simple 30 second exercise

Posted by ReachHealth on Monday, September 11, 2017


Hi guys! Its Boaz here from ReachHealth and today we’re talking about headaches and how simple it can be to resolve some certain kind of headaches and today you can learn that there are three main causes of headaches that most people don’t even look at. You’ve heard me speak about them maybe on other videos, so those three main areas are the jaws.. jaw clenching, which causes that tension-type headaches, the other one is the deep muscles of the neck right at the front, but deep in there. Those stabilize the neck and if they’re not working well or they’re not strong enough then they can really make the neck quite uncomfortable and cause headaches. The third one is the first rib and you’ve heard more about that on previous videos. So here’s why this is important because.. to get the results that people want to get rid of their headaches, to get rid of your headaches, you just need to have the right treatment that leads to the right results that involves finding the right cause which is so often missed. I have to say it is so often missed.

So what you’re gonna be shown today is a simple exercise that works really well for when the muscles deep in the in the neck there… Hi Emma thanks for joining us good to see you an exercise that’s really great for the deep muscles of the neck in there. The reason I’m talking about this today is that I’d love you to see just how simple it can be to get great relief from headaches when the right diagnosis is found and the right treatment is delivered. It’s important to know about this because so many people have ongoing headaches and they’re going for more and more treatment and they’re not even necessarily getting results. So let’s get people to find out what can really help them and in this case, front muscles of the neck. So there’s a technique that I’m gonna show you that is incredibly simple. It’s done lying down so I hope I can do this while using the phone and it’s just a case of lying back flat like that, making sure that you tuck your chin into your chest and looking up, then slowly back. This is best done on the floor or in a bed. The important thing to remember with this exercise is the chin comes in first. If you do it like that you’re gonna make the problem worse. So chin in then rolling up to the point where you can see your toes and rolling back. It’s as simple as that. To begin with, start off with just 10 repetitions. Once that gets to easy, add two reps and do that exercise twice a day, you will notice massive results. It’ll start to feel quite like hard work through here. You’ll even notice your jaw changing because.. I’m getting technical here.. but jaw muscles also trying to stabilize the neck, that’s not their job. If you can get the neck to stabilize the neck, then your jaws can back off. Two causes of headaches gone for one exercise.

So hey guys.. this has been Boaz from ReachHealth. Thanks so much for joining me today. If you’ve enjoyed this or you’ve got some real take home messages then please do leave some comments below. And guys listen, if this video has resonated with you, then please do like and share it, and if you know anyone else that does suffer from headaches, do tag them in. And finally, we have an excellent report that helps you to find out what could be your cause of your headache. Those three main areas and how to figure them out as well as some other causes of headaches. If you’re interested in that, then either private message me, or you can just leave a comment below saying “send the headache report” and we will get back to you. Thanks again. Bye. 

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