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Back pain often comes from calf muscles.

#BackPainIt so often comes from the calf

Posted by ReachHealth on Monday, August 28, 2017


Hey guys its Boaz here from ReachHealth and today we are talking about how back pain often comes from a different area of your body and most often from the calf. I know that’s unexpected, but that is absolutely the fact. We see it lots and lots in clinics, it’s one of the things that we actually give presentations to GPs on to explain the difference to them between true sciatica and false sciatica, this is pain that goes from the calf up rather than from the back down.

So today you’re going to hear from Michael who has had exactly this experience and you can see just how true this situation is and here’s why it’s important, what it means for patients is that they get a treatment that actually works and can last rather than dealing with the part that hurts, the back. It deals with the actual cause of the problem. You end up with simple, manageable solutions that take 40 seconds a day, no complicated exercises, nice and simple, 40 seconds a day, job done, and you can end up with lasting results with that. So please stick around to the end of this video.  What I’m going to offer you is a free report that can explain the five most common areas that cause back pain that have nothing to do with the back itself. The back ends up hurting but the real cause is somewhere completely different and if your therapist is only looking at your back you’re unlikely to get lasting result. You might get temporary relief, but this is the way to get lasting results by addressing the real cause, often one of these five most common causes of back pain.

So the reason I’m talking about this is we in the clinic see literally hundreds of people a month that have this issue and they’ve often gone to other practitioners, or gone for a massage, or gone to people who just to help trying to relieve the back pain but don’t really get to the root of the problem. It’s important that people know about this, so that they know that they don’t have to put up with ongoing pain… that they can get back to the freedom of enjoying their life again. So now I’m just waiting for Michael to join the video and hopefully he’s going to be with us in a moment because I really like to interview him and it looks like Michael might have some internet problems.

So I might do it this way where Michael heard about it thru a good friend of his who referred him to us and Michael loves doing brazilian jiujitsu which is obviously a very physical sport. We see lots of people who love their sport or the exercise of some sort and stop doing it because I think they’re going to hurt themselves or provoke the back pain. So with Michael loving his brazilian jiujitsu he was one of these people that stopped doing it because he thought he was going to damage himself. He came to see me, we very quickly realize that the cause of his back pain was not the back itself. It was from one of the deep calf muscles on one side and when I told him that he was completely surprised, as most people are. Who would think back pain can come from calf and yet when I pressed the deep calf muscle on that side, it completely provoked the pain and he could feel it going up to his back, completely different to the calf muscle on his other side, and he didn’t even know that he had a calf issue. What we then found was that really within two sessions and doing this 40 second exercise, Michael is getting to the point that he could exercise absolutely safely and get back to doing the exercise that he loves doing.

So really that’s all I wanted to tell you how fast, how easy, how simple these results can be when we look for the actual problem, not just the bit that hurts. So guys, thank you very much. This has been Boaz from ReachHealth. If you feel that you’ve got some real take home messages from this, please do comment below. Let us know one of the bits that you found most interesting, your best take home messages from this video, and if this video has resonated with you in any way, or you want some help with back pain, then please comment below the word report and we will send you a free report and ways to assess if that could be what’s causing your back pain. If you know of anyone else who has back pain that’s ongoing then please do share this with them. Thank you very much.

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