Enough is enough! Back to reality...



Hi. It’s Boaz here from ReachHealth, and this month we’re talking about lower back pain. Now as you probably heard it say before, there is an awful lot of drivel out there about back pain. The biggest drivel is that backs are fragile. This was a myth that was created in the ’70s by a bunch of crackpots. I think you can get what I’m talking about. They developed this idea that backs are fragile purely to make money from it. Here are some of the myths about back pain. One, this idea of subluxations is completely meaningless. It literally means nothing. Disk bulges, 87% of disk bulges have nothing to do with back pain because 87% of people have them and don’t even know that they have them. Great. So if we know that there are all these outdated meaningless myths about back pain, then what do we do about it? Well, it turns out that the science, the research has really shown quite clearly that most back pain resolves itself. How can I be saying that? How can that be good for business? Surely it’s best that we tell people how bad their back is. No. At ReachHealth, we absolutely believe in honesty. Most back pain can be resolved in just 2 to 5 sessions. Most of the time, the problem is muscles, even if you’ve had an MRI telling you otherwise. Especially if you’ve had an MRI telling you otherwise. Because it’s shown that just taking an MRI causes pain. How can that be? Because the MRI shows that there was something, like mole, which is all the disk bulge really is most of the time, a little bump that has nothing to do with anything. But because we’ve seen on MRI, people get scared and start moving in weird ways that cause pain. Let’s get to the real root of people’s pain. Please share this. Please spread the word. Thank you.

Enough is enough! Back to reality…

There is sooo much hype about back pain. Modern research has made it very clear that most of what we thought about back pain 5 years ago was WRONG.

Spinal alignment. WRONG!
Posture. WRONG!
Disk bulges. WRONG!
Core strength. WRONG!

As an honest healthcare practice, it pains us to see people taken advantage of by crackpots.

The solution for most back pain is very simple, and recovery can be quick and easy.

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