Sciatica: Not really a pain in the butt



Today I want to talk about sciatica, or more importantly, true sciatica versus false sciatica. Hi everyone, Mel from ReachHealth here. Sciatica is a word that gets badly thrown a lot when people have back pain, sometimes if its radiating.

So true sciatica is back pain that runs down the entirety of the leg, right down to the foot, and is generally an issue with the disk and is something that just needs time to recover. This is actually quite uncommon.

What is much more common is false sciatica. Which is a number of diferrent structures on either the back or the hip which creates back pain, radiating down part of the leg but not the whole leg. This is something that’s generally much more simple and can be solved in a few sessions. Thanks guys!

Sciatica: Not really a pain in the butt

Pain in the buttocks is NOT sciatica. It is very easily resolved. Dr. Melanie Brown explains more.

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