“Office desk posture” can cause neck pain, but not in the ways you might think!!!

Check out this video for a super-simple solution.
You might want to get everyone in the office doing this exercise 😉

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Hi guys. Tom from ReachHealth here. Today I wanna continue on with our causes of neck pain video series. When people come in to see me for their neck pain, more often than not I find that its the front of their bodies that is the cause of their aches and pains. There are 3 main muscles that contribute to this. One is your biceps. Two is your pectoralis. Three is your neck flexor muscles. You can see how all 3 of these muscles link up together and that forms your anterior chain. More often than not our anterior chain is placed under a lot of stress and tension and that can cause a lot of tightness through those shoulders, and when that happens our neck is unable to move to its full degree. I got one perfect stretch that hits all of those 3 muscles right through there, all you have to do is have both hands crossed behind your back just like that, you’re gonna pull the arms back, puff out our chest and then arch our neck backwards. You’re gonna hold that for 30 seconds that’s gonna give a nice release right up through all those muscles right there. So if you found this video helpful, please leave a like and comment down below.. 

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