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Hi I’m Caroline from ReachHealth. I just wanna talk to you today about neck pain which is quite a common condition we see in the clinic. So neck pain can be coming from the shoulders, this trigger points here… the trapezius. When we touch those points it can go up the neck, that can be one cause. There’s also points along the neck here causing neck pain. And right at the base of the skull which is… when you feel stressed you often feel that tightness there that can actually refer pain to the head even behind the eye. They’re all quickly resolved with a remedial massage and compressing trigger point therapy. From an emotional and mental perspective… the mind-body connection, the neck has to do with flexibility. So sometimes we may not be flexible in our thinking and seeing other side of things or another point of view and it keeps us stuck and there’s a bit of stubbornness there and that can come out in the body in the neck. So looking at it from that perspective is also an interesting angle.

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