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Hi. Boaz here from ReachHealth. I’m just talking about neck pain generally today. As you know, at ReachHealth, we’re all about finding out where pain really comes from, not just the side that hurts. So for neck pain, there are so many areas that can cause the problem that have nothing to do with the neck. You’ve already seen Mel’s video on the jaw, you’ve seen Tom’s video on how the pecs, shoulders, the arms can affect neck pain. As you know there are many areas that can cause neck pain. It can even be coming from the upper back, it can be coming from the diaphragm. Really important to see someone who looks at the bigger picture and not just the bit that hurts. I know I keep harping on about that, its true. So please if you’ve any neck pain if youve been seeing people and it hasnt resolved then come see us here at ReachHealth. Anyone in our team can help with this. Thanks.

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