exercise for neck and shoulder pain


More often, Neck Pain is caused by sudden muscle strain and poor posture. The neck is very mobile and less stable than other areas of the body, and more easily strained or injured.

Shoulder Pain commonly stems from strains from overexertion, and overuse of the muscles and tendons making them inflamed or irritated.

Boaz Gilboa shows you a quick and easy exercise using weights to relieve pain and loosen up tight muscles in the neck and shoulder areas.

Arm Lines

Its Boaz here from ReachHealth and today I’m showing you an exercise that using weights and moving your wrists can affect the whole of your arm shoulders, and even your neck. As you know, at ReachHealth, were really famous for finding the other areas that are causing the problem, not just the area that causes the pain.

So this is a really simple exercise using weights or you can even use a one and a half litre water bottle. So  just standing like that, I’ll do a side on so you can see me better. Its all about the wrist movement, back and forth like that forty times.. one two three four, forty of those, and then you turn it that way and do forty like that, really moving the wrist as big as you can, back and forth, and you’ll feel that right through your arms up into your shoulders.. obviously you should be looking forward as you do this. So really moving the arms back and forth, and forty like that.

Take a look at the link that weve got attached it’ll explain some beautiful pictures that show exactly how this goes right up and connects right through the shoulder and neck. Thank you very much.

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