Rehab Videos

Upper Body Exercises

Biceps Stretch


This exercise can relieve shoulder pain, upper back pain, neck pain and sometimes even headaches… that seems crazy right?

But tight biceps pull the shoulders forwards. Shoulders and necks do not like that. So let’s be nice to our body. This is a great exercise anyone who spends a lot of time a t a computer. Get everyone at your office doing it

Deep Deep Pecs Stretch
(Boxer’s Muscle)


Ah, serratus anterior (the deep pec muscle). This big muscle is also known as the boxer’s muscle. It goes into your armpit, and under the shoulder blade. Most people never check this very important player.

When tight, it can cause shoulder pain, arm pain, upper back pain, neck pain and even mimic a disk bulge. Has your practitioner even checked your armpit for tightness?

Wall Slide


This easy exercise is great for mobilising your upper back and shoulders. So simple, yet feels so good.

Boxing for Upper Back Mobility


We spend our lives sitting and even when we move, it’s mainly forwards & backwards. The upper back LOVES ROTATION movements. Lets give it what it wants.

Punch the Ceiling


This exercise is mainly to mobilise your 1st rib. Your first rib is just above your collarbone… Yes really! Some important neck muscles attach to the 1st rib. If the rib is stuck it can cause neck pain, shoulder pain and upper back pain. Lets get it moving again.

Lower Back Exercises

Glute Bridges


This exercise is a classic. Low back pain often comes from the buttock muscles. So lets get them behaving well.

Calf Stretch


Tight calf muscles are the MOST COMMON CAUSE of low back pain. Yet most practitioners do not even think to check them. This simple exercise can give AMAZING, lasting relief from lower back pain. You got to try this one.

Gluteus Medius Strength


When the glute med muscle goes tight it causes pain on the side of the back, around “the hip”. Getting this muscle strong and coordinated can help lower back pain a lot.

Quads Stretch


Yep, who would have thought that quad muscles have anything to do with low back pain? But they attach to the front of your pelvis, and your pelvis is part of your lower back. It ain’t rocket-science, but most practitioners never even check for it.



We have all heard about core-strength. But what about core stretch? An overly tight core is obviously going to pull your back forwards… Ouch! We want strong AND stretched, so try this cobra stretch for your lower back.

Lower Body Exercises

Glutes Stretch


This exercise is awesome for low back pain, buttock pain & hamstring pain. It is so easy, you can do it while drinking a coffee.

Calf Stretch


Tight calf muscles can cause lower back pain, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis. This is one exercise that should be on everyone’s daily routine.

Strong Quads Stretch


This quads stretch is a little stronger than just holding your ankle behind you. It is great for knee pain and hip pain. This is important for people who exercise often.

Foot Stretch


This foot stretch is wonderful for plantar fasciitis. It feels sooo good, and can give lasting relief.

Inner Thigh Strength


The inner thigh muscles (adductors), help to support the hip and knee. Keeping them strong and coordinated can relieve hip pain, knee pain, and lower back pain. Try it, if your legs shake as your knees slowly move apart, then you really really need this exercise.

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