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SciaticaTreatment: Miracle Cure or Common Sense?

Posted by ReachHealth on Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Hi Guys! Its Boaz here from ReachHealth. I hope you’re well and having a great day. Today were talking about sciatica which is a really common problem that I so often see misdiagnosed and mismanaged. I even give presentations to GPs to explain the difference between true sciatica and false sciatica because not all sciatica is the same. They are very very different from each other. So if you know someone who has sciatica, maybe you suffer from sciatica yourself then if you know someone who suffers from it then please do take them in and get them to join this video.

Today you’re going to find out about the different types of sciatica and just how often the disk bulges have nothing to do with. Really modern science, especially musculo-skeletal science has really been turned on its head in the last ten years or so. A lot of things that we thought were true are simply not true. One example of that that is the biggest myth around is the myth of the disk bulge. In fact for 98% of people, the disk bulge has nothing to do with their sciatica. So stick around til the end of this video and I’ll give you a great extra video, an exercise that’s been shown to help literally hundreds of people at ReachHealth who thought they had sciatica and who managed to get rid of their pain by doing this one simple exercise.

The reason I’m talking about this is that as you can tell I get quite frustrated by a lot of the misinformation that’s put out there for other people. And I really want people to know that there’s hope for them and that there’s all sorts of things we can do to help them especially to find out what type of sciatica they really have. I’m hoping that Navah is going to be joining our video at any moment because Navah has been through this, I was hoping that she would say this in her own words. So what I’m going to do since Navah hasn’t joined us yet is.. I’ll just start telling you about her story and hopefully she can come on board at any moment. Navah was away and she had severe debilitating that just made it impossible for her to function. She was in excruciating pain. She went to her GP and her GP recommended that she gets her MRI, that’s a scan, and the scan showed a whole heap of disk bulges. Now this is interesting because the disk bulges obviously were absolutely there 100%. But the point is that if we looked at her pain and did some proper osteopathic examination, we that the pain she had in her back and going down her leg did not follow the pattern the MRI showed. So what does that tell us? It tells us that those bulges had been there for years if not decades and had absolutely nothing to do with her pain. All that she had was a simple spasm in the buttock muscle. And this is what I see over and over again. In fact the GP that she saw was so scary to her, he said that this bulge was pressing on her spinal cord and she could become a cripple, she could become actually paralysed was the word the GP said at any moment. And this was simply incorrect and very scary for Navah. And you can imagine if someone is told something like that they’re going to start tensing up and behaving in strange ways that actually cause more pain. We’ve seen this over and over again, it’s well and truly proven over the last ten years.

So what happened when Navah came in is that we found what the real cause of the problem was, a simple spasm of the large muscle, we treated that and literally within half an hour someone who thought they were going to have sciatica for life and possibly end up in a wheelchair discovered that they have something very simple and could be cured in half an hour. We did a couple more sessions to make sure that all was good, reassured her, and the outcomes were amazing. I really wish that Navah was with us, she’s not. The moral of the story from today is really that sciatica is not necessarily what other people tell you it is, it’s not even necessarily what the experts tell you it is if they haven’t kept up to date with modern science.

If you’re interested in finding out more about disk bulges then please pm me and I can send you some really interesting information on that, some very concrete stats that came out from ten years and have only been confirmed ever since. That’s all that I wanted to cover today. Thanks so much for joining us. If this video has resonated with you, if you feel that it’s helpful then please like and share it. If you want to hear more from the exercise video that I was offering you at the beginning of the session then please just put a message, just leave a comment saying send me the exercise. Thank you very much for being with us. Have a great rest of the week. 

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