Hot Stone Massage

Do you want a Massage that not only addresses your areas of tension but is the most mentally relaxing Massage you will every experience? Then you must try a Hot Stone Massage!


  • Highly effective at melting away knots
  • The heat penetrates 10 x deeper than the hands giving more release.
  • Stress just melts away under the soothing heat and gentle weight of the stones.
  • Circulation increases, flushing out toxins and restoring healing nutrients to muscles and other tissue, further aiding the release of tension and pain in the body.
  • It has a powerful Lymphatic Drainage effect.
  • The immune system is boosted, the nervous system is sedated and digestion can improve.
  • Meridians are cleared boosting energy flow for health and vitality.
  • The application of stones in Sports massage is ideal for flexibility work because they increase the elasticity of collagen fibres and assist in the prevention and recovery of sports injury through tension release. The application of cooled rocks has an analgesic effect on injured muscles acting as painkillers by reducing the ability of nerve endings in the affected site to conduct impulses. The coolness also reduces inflammation caused by injury.
  • Sometimes after a remedial Massage, you can feel a bit wiped out, the great thing about this type of massage is that most people report feeling very relaxed but at the same time energized. It leaves you feeling deeply grounded with a profound sense of relaxation and inner peace coupled with a wonderful floating sensation.


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