Areas of treatment at the ReachHealth clinic include:


  • Back pain
  • Neck pain & headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Sports injuries


Osteopathy can find the real reason for your ongoing pain. If you have had pain for more than 6-weeks, then the bit that hurts is unlikely to be the cause of your pain. Let us find the genuine cause of your pain, and resolve it for you. You will be surprised how quickly you respond when the real issue is treated.


By understanding the connectivity of the whole body system, osteopathy is able to find the source of the problem and provide long-term relief.


Back Pain


Most of the causes of back pain have nothing to do with your back. If someone is treating only your back they are missing the big picture. These causes include:


  • Tight calf muscles (This is the most common cause)
  • Uneven pelvis
  • Digestive issues
  • Tight hip flexors or buttocks
  • Poor breathing pattern
  • And much more.


So don’t put up with just half a solution, get to the true cause. For lasting relief call 1300 696 783


Neck Pain & Headaches


Almost all headaches and neck pain affect the jaw muscles. In order to get lasting relief the jaw must be treated. It is also important to check that your upper back is supporting your neck well.

To get the lasting relief you want, call 1300 696 783.


Sciatica Treatment


Sciatica is the most commonly mis-diagnosed condition in medicine. You may feel that your sciatica is beyond help. Hundreds of clients at ReachHealth felt the same way. Then they found that with the correct diagnosis and treatment they had lasting relief within 3-4 treatments.


Don’t put up with poor information. Get a meaningful second opinion with our osteopaths, who will provide you a comprehensive assessment.


Your relief is assured. And unlike many other practitioners, we will tell you if you are one of the very rare cases that won’t respond to treatment.


Sports Injuries


Acute sports injures are very simple to treat. Anyone can stabilize a sprain while allowing time to make the recovery.


At ReachHealth we specialise in finding why injuries persist or keep recurring.


So if you have an injury that keeps coming back, then it’s time to call ReachHealth today on 1300 696 783.

If ongoing pain, fatigue, stress or other health issues are affecting your quality of life, then we are here to help you. Just call 1300 696 783 or Book Online. Find out for yourself how much we can help you.