SHOULDER PAIN – Whoops, Everyone Else Treated the Wrong Muscle

Shoulder Pain – Whoops, Everyone Else Treated the Wrong Muscle

There are lot of myths and wrong diagnosis out there. We have already proven that to hundreds, even thousands of people when it comes to back pain. The same is true of shoulder pain, elbow pain, and wrist issues.

Even if you have had scans, the findings might not actually be the cause of your pain. That cause can only be determined clinically, with expert assessment.

Don’t put up with it any longer! Get a meaningful, modern diagnosis, and let’s get your upper limb working properly again.

Take a look at these videos and pass them on to people who need our help.

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Hi guys. Tom here from ReachHealth. Today I wanna touch up on the upper limb videos that weve been talking about in the previous video. Weve seen Weve seen a lot of shoulder patient cases here at ReachHealth lately. Most of the time theyve been coming in with a history of torn supraspinatus or a or a torn ligament within the shoulder. Most of the time we find that that finding is completely irrelevant to the situation theyre presenting with and most of the time theyve been suggested to have an injection or in the worst case surgery which is completely unnecessary in most cases.

The usual problem that we find is either one of the muscles within the rotator cuff region is tight or theres an imbalance between the shoulder girdle function The osteopaths here at ReachHealth have found really great results in treating these conditions using dry needling or osteopathy.

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