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Hi everyone. It’s Boaz here from ReachHealth. This month we’re talking about shoulders. As you know at ReachHealth we’re all about finding the real cause of the problem, not necessarily what everyone else says the problem is. So being me, I just wanna name off a few things that people tell you where the problem and then I’ll tell you what the real problem is. The classic one is pain up here. People often tell you that’s your rotator cuff. What a load of drivel. The biggest muscle of the rotator cuff properly is not this one, supraspinatus that everyone else treats. Supraspinatus you call it here in Australia. There’s a muscle in your armpit called subscapularis. That chap is bigger than all the other rotator cuff muscles put together. Get that one behaving and it’s no longer bullying these small chaps on the top. It isn’t rocket science, let’s fix the bullying, not just band-aid the bullied. I hope that made sense. I look forward to seeing you. If you want to book an appointment to fix up any shoulder issue, we’re here to help at ReachHealth.

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