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Hi Guys. This is Tom from ReachHealth. Today I wanna go through about shoulder pain particularly the ones where you get that pinchy sensation when lifting up your arm, which is also known as the impingement syndrome. Now a lot of online sources will say a lot of drivel such as your shoulders being damaged, the bones are rubbing up against each other, they’re grinding, being crushed, squashed. All of that is complete nonsense. Usually, most of the time its either your shoulder muscles or the muscles on your back that aren’t working properly. Now osteopathy treatment can help with this, and to get things started with you guys I just wanna show you one simple exercise. All we’re gonna do is find a wall you’re gonna stand against. We’re gonna use both hands, forearms against the wall like that, and what you’re gonna do is slowly and gently just slide your arms up just until you feel a bit of pain, just back off from it a little bit and slide back down. You’re gonna repeat this up and down for me, nice and slow, and that’s just gonna build a lot of tolerance right through that shoulder, and build up a little bit of strength. So give that a shot guys. Let me know what you think.

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