Not breathing easy? It could be the stress you are shouldering.


The diaphragm refers to the shoulders. If you have tight, sore shoulders, make sure your diaphragm has been checked.

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Hi everyone. Mel from ReachHealth here. This month we’re talking about shoulder pain. What I wanted to talk to you about today is a less common or less one known reason for shoulder pain which is our diaphragm. Diaphragm is the big muscle that sits underneath our ribcage and essentially facilitates our breathing and it refers to shoulder a number of different ways and its why when you have issues with liver or stomach which sit right under that diaphragm, pain actually refers to one or both shoulders. So why does the diaphragm get tight or disfunctional? Generally, it’s to do with breathing. So as a general rule when we get stressed and we have tension through our ribcage and our upper shoulders, we don’t breathe as effectively which tightens up that diaphragm. I’ve done specific training to teach people how to breathe diaphraghm medically… so you’re using that diaphragm muscle. So if this sounds like you or anyone you know, please feel free to get in touch. Thanks guys.

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