4 types of sciatica


1. The Calf
The calf refers to the sacroiliac joint. This is very easy to mistake for true sciatica. But the SLR test feels like a stretch (not nerve pain), and hurts the SIJ on the same side.
Treatable? Yes in 2-4 sessions.




2. Sacroiliac Joint Torsion & Irritation
SIJ pain is simply not sciatica! It does not radiate beyond the gluteal. It can respond well short-term to steroid injections. But why not resolve the core issue (anterior or posterior rotation) with osteopathy?
Treatable? Yes in 3-5 sessions.






3. Gluteal Muscles & Piriformis
The Gluteal muscles pull on the ITB. This pain is on the lateral thigh and is not sciatica.
Treatable? Yes in 1-2 sessions.

Piriformis can compress the sciatica nerve. This most closely mimics true sciatica and can only be clearly diagnosed by response to treatment.
Treatable? Yes in 3-5 sessions.




4. Disk Bulge
Disk bulges must compress a nerve to be significant. The pain must be in a dermatomal pattern and go below the knee.
Treatable? NO! It resolves in 3 months with or without manual therapy. Manual therapy benefits only the therapist in this situation. Time and / or further medical intervention can help significantly.





At ReachHealth, we consistently get 78% improvement for “sciatica” patients after just 3 visits. Why? Because MOST sciatica that you see is not sciatica at all.

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