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The 5 Commonly Missed Causes of Back Pain?️ Book conveniently online: http://bit.ly/reachhealthonlinebooking

Posted by ReachHealth on Monday, June 19, 2017


Hey guys! It’s Boaz here from ReachHealth. It’s a beautiful winter’s day here in Melbourne and I’m really excited about today’s video and what you’re going to find out.

Today were going to talk about the 5 causes of back pain that are commonly missed and they are so commonly missed which is why so many people have ongoing back pain. Today you’ll discover that many forms of back pain can be easily and readily resolved in just a few sessions when these 5 conditions are looked at and addressed. So if you have back pain that isn’t resolving and you need treatment or if you know someone who has ongoing back pain, then please do share this video with them. Stick around til the end of the video and Ill tell you how you can get a report that is really valuable on figuring out what’s causing you’re form of back pain.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that I see literally hundreds of people each month where these simple causes have not been looked at. No ones even bothered to check if that’s what’s causing their back pain. And it’s those situations that really make us look like miracle workers because we’ve just found those simple solutions. There’s no magic to it, it’s just a simple case of looking at and treating those 5 places.

So, what are those 5 positions, those 5 parts of the body that can lead to back pain actually have nothing to do with the back themselves. The most common one is actually the calf muscle. The calf muscle refers directly to one side the lower. So if it’s a tight right calf… that refers to a tight right lower back. The quads is the other one, those front thigh muscles. They can pull on the pelvis and cause back pain. The next one is the pelvis itself, so the pelvis can behave like a wheel and if that twists out of place that’s obviously going to pull on ligaments and make things very uncomfortable… painful in the lower back. The next one, the fourth is the abdominal muscles. So everyone knows about the core for helping to keep the back stable but what happens if one side of the core is tighter than the other. Obviously, that’s going to pull on the back in an even way which causes back pain. It isn’t rocket science. The fifth one that a lot of people do know about but only treat one aspect of is the glutes. So the glute muscles can dysfunction in two ways. They can be too tight or they can be weak. And sometimes you can even have one that’s weak and one that’s tight. So it’s important to address all of that.

That’s it for me for today. Thanks very much for joining me. This has been Boaz from ReachHealth. If this video has resonated with you then please pass it on, share it, and if you need some extra help then get in contact. I did say at the beginning of this video that if you wanted to be able to address some of this yourself or to at least get a report on it, all I need you to do is in the comment of this video, just write “send me the report “and we’ll send that to you anyway you like. We can either send it through to you as a private message on Facebook or as an email. Like I say, if you have liked this video please do like it and share it. Thank you very much.

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