The Myth of Sciatica

The Myth of Sciatica Continued…

We had seven people call in as a direct result of our last newsletter about false-sciatica.

Some had been in pain for months. One lady had even been in pain for two years with ongoing “physical therapy” in Moonee Ponds that simply did not help her.

Of all seven patients, only one had true sciatica, and we referred him for the appropriate medical treatment.

The others have all made excellent recoveries, are moving comfortably. Many were surprised at how simple it has been to achieve lasting relief.

I would like to tell you the story of Leon. His is a tale of many medical “red herrings”. It goes to show how x-rays, CT’s and MRI’s can be very misleading.

Leon was referred to our sciatica treatment specialist in Melbourne, Dr. Melanie Brown of ReachHealth clinic by his GP. His CT-scan showed a definite disk bulge. It was close to a nerve in his back called L5. His pain even referred to the outside of his shin… the classic pain pattern for L5 sciatica. Anyone in their right mind would make the obvious conclusion that this is sciatica. So Leon was told to wait about 3 months, and then see if any serious medical intervention was needed.

However, not all therapists bother to test, and find out the real cause of pain. Yet all the mechanical tests ruled out true-sciatica in about 10 minutes.

I don’t want to get too technical, but the fact is that Leon had tight calf muscles. Calf muscles are big, and they were “bullying” the poor little shin muscles. The Calf also refers to the back (specifically the sacroiliac joint), which leads to much confusion for many practitioners.

Leon was given osteopathic treatment, and some of the exercises shown in the exercise video. He felt immediate improvement and resolved his ongoing “sciatica” in less than 3 sessions.

True sciatica does not respond well to treatment, so why do some practitioners keep patients coming in for endless sessions? False Sciatica can be resolved in 3-4 sessions, so why do some practitioners keep patients coming in for endless sessions?

Who do you know who does not need to put up with sciatica any longer?
Please let them know that there is hope and a solution for them.

To find out if you have True or False Sciatica, make sure to contact ReachHealth clinic in Elsternwick, Melbourne, and make an appointment with our sciatica treatment specialist, Dr. Melanie Brown today!

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