Upper Back Pain: Let's sort out what's back there.


There’s a lot of different muscles that can pull your ribs. This can cause upper back pain.

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Hi everyone. This is Tom from ReachHealth. This month is all about upper back pain, and today I want to talk a bit to you about that pinchy, achy sensation most people get in between their shoulder blades which makes them think their back is out. Now most of the time that’s not the case. What people are referring to is their actual rib, so you have the spine that sits along all the way in between your shoulder blades, and then you have the rib that connects onto it. Most of the time that joint right through there gets a little bit grumpy and irritated from certain twists or under a lot of pressure such as sitting down for too long. And what happens as a result is those muscles all around the back right through there spasm up and causes an impairment in movement. Now today I’m gonna show you one simple stretch that you can do at home that will help ease off that pain, and get you moving a little bit better. So what we’re gonna do is borrow a chair like this, you’re gonna have your arms nice and straighten out like so, on your knees, and all you have to do is just stretch down, and hold like that. Very simple. You can do this as a mobilization technique so you can just bounce back and forth just to get those upper joints moving, or you just can hold it down for 30 seconds and let the rest do the work. So give that a shot, let me know how it goes. Thank you.

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