The “fight or flight nervous system” starts in your upper back. When it is too active it can cause upper-back pain, changes in blood pressure, increase anxiety, and also abdominal pain.

It makes sense to get it checked out if you suffer from any of these symptoms.

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Hi. It’s Boaz here from ReachHealth. To finish off our series about upper back pain, I’m just going to talk about something called your fight or flight nervous system. Now, your fight or flight nervous system which you’ve probably heard of, that’s the thing that causes stress, can build up anxiety. And long term has quite negative effects for our health. The fight or flight nervous system comes out anywhere you’ve got a rib. So, from right up here to about right down there. That nervous system, that fight or flight nervous system that comes out wherever you’ve got a rib is like the brakes for the digestive system, it’s the accelerator for the heart, it’s the brakes for the digestive system. When it becomes overactive it can really affect how we feel. It can affect the way we breathe, it can make us feel more anxious, and it can cause digestion issues. The other way around, digestion issues, can also refer back to the mid-back through those sympathetic nerves, the fight or flight nerves. So, in order to find out where your back pain is really coming from it’s really worthwhile seeing an osteopath who’s going to take a look at your abdomen and see how the whole of you is functioning, not just the back. Fixing the back can help the abdomen, and fixing the abdomen can help the back. I know that sounds interesting and different to what you might have heard before, it’s all true. We look forward to seeing you.

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