Elbow and Wrist Pain? Caroline can help.


As you know, elbow and wrist pain can have many causes. Caroline, our expert remedial massage therapist, can resolve each of those causes.

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Hi. I’m Caroline, massage therapist in ReachHealth. And today I’m going to talk about lower arm pains: elbow, forearm, even into the hand. A lot of people who have heard about tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, they’re quite some common injuries. But there’s more than one way that you can strain this area. A really common way which I discovered myself was with the ball-throw for dogs, so the stick with the ball on the end of it. And you’re doing this sort of motion constantly. And I really started to flare up the tennis elbow. The correct motion should’ve been like this, but instead it’s that over extension. So if you have got a dog, that’s something to be a query of. Another thing i noticed with travelling, if you pick up luggage too heavy it can really pull on that whole area and stir up some inflammation into forearm. I find this area to be pretty easy to treat. There’s some common trigger points through this forearm area, and then refer down to the thumbs, sometimes to the fingers. If you get any symptoms in the hand, numbness or pain in the fingers, it’s often just coming from here. That’s a really simple fix for some trigger points. So feel free to come have a massage and we’ll get that fixed for you really quickly.

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