Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has many causes. Only one cause responds well to surgery. For the other causes, you need us!

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Hi guys. Mel here from ReachHealth. Today I want to talk about carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is yet another complaint that’s often misdiagnosed. So true carpal tunnel is numbness and pain but particularly numbness in these two fingers and your thumb. It’s caused by- generally there’s about three things that cause it. So number one, is the ligament that goes along the base of your wrist. That creates compression which affects these three fingers. That is the one that surgery will help with. The other two are- one of the bones in your wrist having moved and creating compression on those structures. But also quite commonly, it can be coming from structures either through the forearm, or further up the arm, or even through the neck. Surgery will not help in those cases. The other thing that often gets confused is the difference between carpal tunnel and another syndrome called ulnar tunnel. So carpal tunnel, these three. Ulnar tunnel, these two. So if you have numbness or pain in this side, it’s not carpal tunnel, it’s ulnar tunnel. And again, ulnar tunnel can be coming from the wrist itself but also structures further up the forearm and up into the shoulder. If this sounds like you please get in touch, and thanks for watching.

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